About us


Shri K. Krishnaswamy Naidu ITI

Shri K.Krishnaswamy Naidu ITI is the one in few notable charitable trusts in Coimbatore for education. This charity established Higher Secondary School, High School and primary School, and providing education especially for the peoples of poverty. The Charity leads to motivate the pupils on the path of reasonable growth and achieve their goal.


Also, the charity decided to create Workmanship and through which job opportunities, a training institute naming Shri K. Krishnaswamy Naidu Institute of Automobile Engineering was started during the Year 1986, with Automobile Training Programme of 6 Month duration, giving Institutional Certificates and also created placements.


On loud thinking especially the way of creating job opportunities through the Department of Employment, the Institute of Automobile Engineering was converted as Industrial Training Institute, with affiliated by the DGET, New Delhi and DET, Chennai, during August 1989, and it is being known as SHRI K. KRISHNASWAMY NAIDU INDUSTRIAL TRAINING INSTITUTE.


By the way of creating more job opportunities, especially drop out pupils like X Standard failed, in addition to Industrial Training Centre, an Industrial School was started during July 2006 Academic Year. Also, at the end of the Year 2007, INDIRA GANDHI NATIONAL OPEN UNIVERSITY – CERTIFICATE IN MOTORCYCLE SERVICE AND REPAIR Study Centre was begun with tie-up between Indira Gandhi National Open University, Hero Honda Motors Limited and Shri K. Krishnaswamy Naidu Industrial Training Centre.


About The Founder Correspondent

Shri D. Varadarajan was the founder correspondent of this institute. Though he was a leading industrialist had very much interest on Automobile and its implements. Such his interest basically caused to make this institution like a model institution of Automobile training sector. He took very much initiative on collection of Automobile charts in and around the country. There are umpteen number of charts framed and hanged in our institution, most of them are precious charts.

Shri D. Varadarajan not only had the interest on Automobile, also more affection towards the students. He allowed several pupils to finish their education on free of cost, also helped many students for their medical treatment. Unfortunately he is no more with us.


About The Present Correspondent

Smt. Krishnaveni Varadarajan known as Smt. V. Krishnaveni is the present correspondent. She is a Madam of Administration, her goal is to make everything to grow up and modernize.





About The Training

Near by twenty two batch of students in industrial training centre, six batch in industrial school and seventeen batch in IGNOU – study centre gone out under his training. Except very few all are settled well. Near by 50 students are servicing as confirmed technicians in Hyundai Motors India Limited, Chennai. Few are in HM – Lancer, Chennai.


In and around the Coimbatore city his students are being placed in all the popular industries and companies of Automobile like Maruti Suzuki Dealers and Service Centre. Few candidates servicing even in Maruti Suzuki Training Oriented Company.

It is known that, our institution is specially set for the training in Automobile Engineering Field. Shown already the infrastructure facilities available in this institute. Faculties training to the candidates are very well knowledge and skill in the particular branch they have allotted, and exerting devoted service towards the candidates.


Here, we are giving endeavor training to the students those who are admitted in Automobile Engineering and related course. During their training period, learning lot of things towards specification, construction, function, service, finding out & rectification of troubles and implementing new things.


In our sector, we made the training proposal as in the stream of systems engineering like Power plant (Engine), Transmission system, Chassis running gear system (Power train), Control system and Electrical system, all the above systems contain from basic things of Automobile to its latest implements. In some important portions thought much advanced like ‘Multi stage electronic fuel injection’ and so on. Few things presently not in the field but will be in future, like “Valvetronics Engine” etc.


All the candidates are trained in basic fitting and sheet metal work, and also in water wash of the vehicle. Before their completion of course, they have thought practice in driving of light motor vehicle, and are forced to obtain the driving license.


After completion of the course, the candidates passing out through this institution are as Semi – Skilled Technicians.


About the Placement

The Candidates passed out through this institution simply taken with no hesitation by the leading industries and companies of in and around the Coimbatore city, in Automobile and related field.


Near by 50 candidates selected and appointed by Hyundai Motors India Limited, Chennai, now all are permanent technicians in the above said company. Now, we are recommending and sending the candidates those who are comp[letting their course for Apprenticeship training in Hyundai Motors India Limited, Chennai and Ashok Leyland, Hosur.


Also, most of the passed out candidates are being sent for their regular job in companies and like industries like, Maruti Dealers, Tata Dealers and Automobile component manufacturing companies of in and around the city.


Some candidates are started their own garages, and several candidates are in Malaysia, Singapore, Middle East, United States of America and United Kingdom.


Recently completed candidates are selected by TVS – Sundaram Clayton, Chennai, TVS – Commercial Vehicle Service, Coimbatore, ABT – Commercial Vehicle Service, Coimbatore, Shree Sai – TATA Service, Coimbatore etc.


During the training, the students are being given the shop floor training in various automobile service companies like TVS, ABT & Tata Services etc. in and around the city. Also, they are being given innovative training in automobile sector by the assistance of visual education etc.